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Is game censorship worth it?

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  1. Klubbe says:

    It is not. Censorship is bad, very bad. Whats the point of seducing all those waifus, if you don’t get shit in return for it. Gentleman ending my ass.

  2. Acadian says:

    I dont understand why censorship is even necesary for an 18+ version game, i mean alot of these games even if you remove the hentai cgs still deal with alot of heavy/mature subject matter, and alot of dialogue and jokes usually involve adult/sexual innuendos. So its pointless.
    Also the majority of ppl who would buy these types of visual novels will either buy the 18+ version only or just pirate it. Who the hell plays these adult themed visual novels in the neutered all ages version.

  3. DarkMoS says:

    NextNija is redoing IMHHW all over again with their ChuSingura46+1 Steam release:
    They are removing all H scenes, redrawing CGs and rewriting the story around it (look over fuwanovel forums for examples) from the original PC 18+ release and we don’t even get the extras of the Vita version as compensation as it was released by a different publisher…

    1. Panfuricus says:

      Well that’s just depressing. I honestly really hope this trend doesn’t continue. I think some companies are obviously much better than others about this. Also, I can understand to some extent localizing out certain things that would contextually make no sense for instance references that would be obscure in an anglophone cultural context. If I had known about this example I would have mentioned it as this is another pretty bad example of developers trying to re-purpose something into something completely different.


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